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Sales and Payment Policy

This Sales and Payment Policy describes our policies and procedures regarding the online sales and payment processes when you engage with Nourity Limited Liability Company (referred to as "the Company," "We," "Us," or "Our" in this Policy). By engaging in any purchase transaction with us, you agree to adhere to the policies and guidelines outlined in this document.

Interpretation and Definitions


The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in the singular or plural form.


For the purposes of this Sales and Payment Policy:

  • Order means a request for products or services placed by you through our online platform.

  • Product(s) means the digital goods, online services, or other offerings provided by the Company through our online platform.

  • Payment means the monetary consideration required for the purchase of products or services.

  • Service refers to our online platform development-services throughout our website.

Placing Orders

  • Order Process: You can place an order by visiting our website and following the instructions provided. The order process may involve selecting the desired products or services, adding them to your online cart, and proceeding to checkout.

  • Product Availability: All orders are subject to product availability. We strive to maintain accurate stock information, but in the event that a product becomes unavailable after you have placed an order, we will notify you promptly and provide alternative options if available.

  • Order Confirmation: Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email or notification. This confirmation does not guarantee acceptance of the order but acknowledges that we have received your request.

Service Upfront Payment

  • Payment Requirement: For development services provided by Nourity Corporation, we require upfront payment before commencing work on your project. The full payment amount, or a specified percentage as agreed upon, must be received by us before any development work begins.

  • Payment Confirmation: Once we receive the upfront payment, we will confirm the payment and commence work on your development project as per the agreed timeline and project scope.

  • Refund and Cancellation: The upfront payment or development services is non-refundable, as it covers the initial costs and resources allocated to start the project promptly.

Client Upfront Payment Exception

At Nourity, we understand that each client's needs may vary, and we aim to be flexible to accommodate reasonable requests. We offer an Upfront Exception for clients who have a total outstanding service quote of 350+ USD or 45,000+ Robux or more. This exception allows qualifying clients to make their first payment once we have completed approximately 30%-40% of the service, subject to the following terms:

  • Eligibility: To be eligible for the Upfront Exception, the client must have an outstanding service quote of 350+ USD/45,000+ Robux or more, as specified in the agreed-upon project quotation or invoice.

  • Milestone Payment: The Upfront Exception allows the client to make their initial payment once we have reached a project milestone representing approximately 30%-40% of the total service. The specific milestone will be determined and agreed upon during the project planning phase.

  • Payment Confirmation: Upon receiving the milestone payment, we will confirm the payment and continue the project as per the agreed timeline and scope.

  • Subsequent Payments: After the initial milestone payment, the client will be required to make subsequent payments as specified in the project quotation or invoice, following the standard payment schedule.

  • Project Continuation: The Upfront Exception enables the client to have greater control over their payments while maintaining the project's timely progress. However, it is essential to ensure that the subsequent payments are made promptly to avoid any disruption in the project's continuity.

Please note that the Upfront Exception is subject to approval and may vary based on the nature and complexity of the project. Clients interested in this exception should discuss their requirements with our team during the project planning phase. We are committed to providing exceptional service and working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals.

Pricing and Payment

  • Pricing: All prices for our products and services are listed in the designated currency and are subject to change without prior notice. We make every effort to ensure pricing accuracy, but in the event of an error, we reserve the right to correct the price and notify you accordingly.

  • Payment Methods: We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Stripe, or PayPal. Payment must be made in full and in the designated currency at the time of checkout.

  • Taxes and Fees: Prices displayed do not include applicable taxes or additional fees unless explicitly stated. You are responsible for any taxes or fees imposed by your jurisdiction or payment provider.

Delivery and Access

  • Delivery of Digital Products: For digital products, access will be provided to you electronically upon completion of the purchase. You will receive files or login credentials to access the purchased products or services through our online platform.

  • Service Availability: We strive to provide uninterrupted access to our online platform. However, there may be circumstances beyond our control that could temporarily affect the availability or performance of our services. We will make reasonable efforts to rectify any such issues promptly.

External Purchases Through Partners

We collaborate with partners such as Stateview Corporation to offer you a comprehensive range of products and services. Some of our products may involve integrations with external services, like, to facilitate seamless transactions and enhance your experience. To ensure a complete understanding of your rights and responsibilities, we recommend reviewing the terms of service of these external providers and partners:

Returns and Refunds

Please read our Return and Refund Policy at;

Supporting Resources

We provided links to relevant policies and documents that complement and support our Sales and Payment Policy. These resources offer additional insights and details regarding our terms, policies, and procedures to ensure clarity and transparency in our engagements.

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